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We live in South Africa since 2017. After multiple safari trips all around the African continent we started to dream how nice it would be to make one more big step in life and move to the other side of the world.

As well for Marcel and Monique - our friends that also live next door to us- as for ourselves, our ultimate dream was to live permanent in the bush. Or at least on the African continent.

There are many more countries with beautiful wildlife. We have had amazing sightings in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. But we also valued on safety and possibilities to enjoy other things in life such as being able to go to a metropolitan city like Cape Town known for it’s good food, wonderfull shopping and plenty of entertainment.

One evening the 4 of us sat around the dining table in Belgium and had another chat about our future life in Africa and the idea came up that one of us should even have a flight license. Elly volunteered for this and booked 4 trial flight lessons. The rest is history now she got her license and a new passion in life and we bought the ultimate bushplane, a Cessna 206 shortly after that. In 2017 she flew this small airplane all the way from Netherland down to South Africa where members from the local Flightclub were gathered to welcome her.

Patrick in the meantime picked up his camera hobby again after years as he was into photography when he visited Africa the first time back in 1995.
If you’re into photography it does not get much better than living right in the middle of nature. Despite trying the latest Sony camera he is back with Canon again and now works with Lightroom to edit his pictures. It’s consuming a lot of his time, but he loves it !

Our lives now is mostly about watching animals, on foot, by car, from the air and all with camera on standby and where possible we assist the reserve in animal conservation.

We have met many lovely and interesting people here and the South Africans on this part of the country are warm and very inviting. Just the fact that they sometimes start 10 o’clock with a sip of whiskey in their coffees is something we have not accustomed to yet ;)

We still go the Cape Town or Europe sometimes but it’s gotten less and less. Once the bush gets under your skin, it’s hard to leave it behind !

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