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Daytrip to Joburg

With clear blue skies forecasted for today we went to Johannesburg to do some ‘shopping’ for the new house. First an appointment for windows, thereafter for marble. Outbound was just amazing visibility and all went super smooth. Clouds were building up so Elly insisted on going back to the airfield a bit earlier because we also needed to re-fuel. But we forgot about load shedding... So no fuel for the next 3 hours at Springs. A quick 5 minute flight to Brackpan and there after landing we had a puncture in the front tyre. Luckily a local maintenance company could assist and refuel as well. We took off at 15.15 local time and weather has gone worse. But surfing between clouds and showers we made it júst in time before the sunset at 17.15 at Ximuwu. What an exciting day !

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