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Poor Giraffes!

On Monday afternoon we saw a giraffe with a just born calf. Drinking at the small pan behind our house. A very tiny one, approximately only a few weeks old. We don’t often see them so little. Today, only 4 days later we found in the afternoon one lioness feeding on the baby giraffe. Life in the bush can be very cruel. 2 hyena’s and quite a number of vultures were present at the scene. We left after half an hour as it was getting dark already. This morning Aubrey called us to let us know that he found another kill at the same sighting. That could only mean they took down mom as well.... We quickly drove the 5 minutes from our camp and found all of the lionesses and at least one cub having a feast ! Normally it is not easy to catch a giraffe, despite being with a big pride. But this giraffe was probably too much focussed on protecting her little one. Shame, but this is also life in the bush !

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